What to consider when choosing a retirement village

There are many benefits to living in a retirement village including being in a community of like-minded people, enjoying social activities and living independently within secure surroundings. There are also many things to consider when thinking about moving into a retirement village, and it is important that you are fully informed before making any decisions.

“We were concerned about our future health and having the facility on site was a bonus. We love the size of the villa which is spacious for our needs and the quiet ambience of village life. Residents within the village are friendly and the social life is great. We try to go to dinners, held every two weeks, as much as possible. We advise anyone to come and join Success Village it was our best move.”
  Roland & Marguerite Norris

Ensure you fully understand the contract you are entering into and the fees you will have to pay when you move in, while you are living there and when you decide to leave. While the retirement village operator should be able to explain in simple terms what is in the contract, it is sensible to get professional advice from a legal or finance professional to ensure you understand the contract. The retirement village is going to be your new home so you need to be sure you will be comfortable in your new surroundings including the village facilities and with the other residents who live there. Ask to have a tour of the village and attend any open day where you should be able to speak to current residents about life in the village. Is the village operator reputable and government-accredited? Unfortunately, there are many retirement village operators who are driven more by profits rather than the wellbeing of the residents and can be unscrupulous to deal with. Conversely, a government accredited not-for-profit provider is more likely to reinvest any profits for the benefit of residents. Does the village offer additional home car services to residents? Getting help with meals, cleaning, nursing or personal care or getting allied health services such as physiotherapy or podiatry in your home, can help you to remain independent and living at home for as long as possible.


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