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Our specialised team of allied health staff are passionate about working with our clients to optimise their health goals.

Clients who attend Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre in East Fremantle can receive individual or group services depending on their needs with most programs taking place in our private heated hydrotherapy pool or fully equipped exercise clinic. We can also tailor rehabilitation (rehab) and recovery programs according to your needs.

Individual services: our qualified team will work with you to gather information about your current health, understand your goals, and work out how we can optimise your desired health outcomes.

Group sessions: depending on your goals, our range of supervised group exercise programs offer an enjoyable way to exercise and achieve your health goals.

Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre

At Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre you can:

  • Recover from an injury or operation with help from our highly trained team of allied health professionals.
  • Improve chronic health conditions and enhance your overall well-being.
  • Tailored rehabilitation (rehab) programs
  • Participate in evidence based progressive resistance training with great supervision and guidance.
  • Access our modern gym and heated hydrotherapy pool
  • Participate in individual or group sessions.

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Learn more about our state-of-the-art exercise, rehabilitation and medical facility that has been designed and purpose-built for seniors.

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