Helping you to fund Dementia Care

The amount and the types of costs residents living with dementia are required to pay depends on the level of care, support and services they require.

Residents living in our dementia wings follow the same fee and payment schedule as those in residential care. The amount they are required to pay is determined by an assessment of their income and assets (means assessment).

For more information about cost and payment options for residential aged care click below.

Temporary respite care either in a residential aged care home, in the community in our centre-based respite centres or in-home support can be funded as below:

  • Centre based respite – Government subsidised via Home Care Packages
  • In-home respite – Government subsidised via Home Care Packages
  • Residential respite – Individuals pay a set basic daily fee, which is calculated according to the person’s age pension

For more information about cost, funding and payment options for respite care click below.

Eligibility and application process

Individuals seeking residential respite care or permanent residential care including dementia support in a residential aged care home will need to undertake an ACAT assessment

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