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Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre

Helping clients to achieve their health goals and live life in full.

Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre provides excellent health care and wellness services to over 55s. Our staff are passionate about working with our clients to optimise their health goals.

Co-located with Southern Plus East Fremantle residential aged care home, the Centre provides a range of health and wellness services and state of the art facilities to support rehabilitation (rehab), restoration and quality of life.

Led by a specialised team of allied health professionals including physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists and exercise instructors, the Centre offers group fitness classes and one-on-one sessions.

Clients can take advantage of the onsite hydrotherapy pool, ECU Vario Exercise Clinic and group classes to build their strength and balance and minimise falls.

Our qualified physiotherapists and exercise physiologists also help clients manage chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and lung disease to regain their health and quality of life.

Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre services include:

Rehabilitation Services

  • Recover from an injury or operation with help from our highly trained team of health professionals with tailored rehab programs
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Evidence based treatments
  • Individually designed programs to suit your needs and reach your goals

Exercise Clinic and Hydrotherapy Pool

  • Modern gym with great equipment and staff providing close supervision
  • Well trained allied health professionals delivering individual or group gym or pool sessions
  • Specialised services for clients over 55 with chronic health conditions

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15 Wolsely Road, East Fremantle

Access to the Centre is via Alexandra Road and there is free parking available in the lower car park. Entrance to the Centre is via the lower ground level. 


Centre opening hours 

Monday to Friday

8:00am to 3:30pm


To make an appointment:

Phone: 08 6424 7443

Email: hw@southernplus.org.au


Group class

Our range of supervised group classes offer an enjoyable way to exercise and achieve your health goals. To view the Health & Wellness Centre group exercise class timetable click the button below. 

Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit is a fun, low impact class designed for seniors. With easy-to-follow moves using equipment to improve cardiovascular, range of movement and coordination, it is suitable for all levels. This class will leave you feeling energised.

Aqua Balance

Aqua balance focuses on developing and strengthening the legs and upper body using equipment. With simple to follow exercises which target balance, this class is a safe entry point for post-operative exercise or for musculoskeletal injuries that require progressive rehabilitation.

Aqua Recovery (Physiotherapy)

Aqua Recovery is a group rehabilitation class targeting specific injuries per individual needs, general strength and mobility training. We concentrate on restoring joint range of movement and function, maintenance of current functional levels for seniors and enhancing wellbeing. This class is suitable for post knee and hip replacements, Osteo-arthritis, Rotator cuff injuries, knee and ankle instability or lower back pain.

Strength for Life

Strength for Life (Previously Living Longer Living Stronger) is a low cost, evidence based progressive strength training and exercise program designed specifically for the over 50’s to stay strong, active and fit. Exercise programs are individually tailored for each participant to improve balance, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and overall wellbeing. 

Staying Strong

This is a group-based class for people with chronic or complex health conditions who require a higher degree of support and assistance. This class will increase your confidence and independence with daily activities.

Please book your initial assessment with our allied health professionals to start your journey.

Payment Options

There are many ways to pay for services at the Health and Wellness Centre. Some options include:

  • Private health insurance – You can use funds from your insurance policy to cover costs for services delivered by our team.
  • Medicare – Your GP may be able to refer you to our services on a Chronic Disease Management Plan. This will provide up to five no out of pocket visits for the therapy services as advised by your GP. Therapy staff will work together with your GP, to achieve common goals relating to your health.
  • Department of Veteran Affairs –DVA white and gold card holders may be eligible for partially or fully subsidised services either periodically or ongoing.
  • My Aged Care – Commonwealth funded support for seniors. Services at the Health and Wellness Centre may be partially or fully funded by the government via a Commonwealth Home Support Program or a Home Care Package with any provider.

Speak to our team to find out more about payment options at the Health and Wellness Centre.

Please note we do not take cash payments. All transactions are processed using EFTPOS.

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