Understanding the costs of residential aged care

Paying for residential aged care can seem complex, but we are here to help navigate the options available.

When entering aged care, the Centrelink assessment of an individual’s assets and income determines what they may need to pay towards the cost of the accommodation and services. Residents may be asked to pay a basic daily fee, a means-tested fee, an addition services fee (if applicable) and an amount for their accommodation.

The basic daily fee is to cover living expenses such as meals, power and laundry. The means-tested care fee contributes to the cost of care and residents may also be asked to pay an accommodation contribution to either fully or partially cover the cost of their accommodation.

Whilst most of our services are provided as a standard option, there are some additional services available to residents at Southern Plus East Fremantle (SPEF). Additional services are offered as part of a package and incur additional fees.

For more information about additional services at SPEF, click below.

Room options

Each of our homes have different room options that vary in cost depending on the size of the room and inclusions. For more information about room options and costs refer to the key feature statement for each of our homes below.


How to fund residential aged care

The amount and the types of costs residents are required to pay is determined by an assessment of their income and assets

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