Compassionate support during difficult times

Our dedicated and compassionate pastoral care team devote themselves to listening and to conversation.

They are there to help our residents and their families make sense of the changes that come with aging and to provide support during difficult and challenging times.

The pastoral care team delivers pastoral care to all but one of our residential aged care homes, and to our villages and home care referrals.

Pastoral Care is an added service that we offer to all our residents and clients, to ensure they feel comfortable, settled and happy.

Hear from one of our pastoral carers

“I have been a Pastoral Carer at Victoria Park Nursing Home in Kalgoorlie for two years. As a Pastoral Carer I have enjoyed getting to know our elderly clients, being committed to showing them compassion, providing a listening ear and being a friend, as I walk alongside them on their journey of life in aged care.” 

– Kay-Marie Smith, Pastoral care

What is Pastoral Care?

Getting older presents all kinds of adventures and challenges. Rather than trying to battle through these alone, or becoming frightened by the unknown, our residents and clients can turn to our pastoral carers. They are down-to-earth people, trained to listen and share life sensitively and joyously. They are there to help our residents and their families make sense of the changes that are occurring and provide support during difficult and challenging times.

All kinds of people benefit from these conversations, whether they consider themselves to be religious or not. Pastoral care is different to religious care which focuses more on the nurture of a person’s beliefs and values within the formal structure of religion. When we refer to pastoral care, we are talking about reflecting on the journey of life together with a skilled companion.

Our Pastoral Care Vision

To enable our clients and residents to reflect on the journey of life so they can be empowered to make decisions that will enrich their lives.

Our Pastoral Care Mission

We will work warmly, respectfully and ethically with SCC (WA) staff and the wider community to reframe the changes brought about by the adventure of aging, with due regard for the moral framework of the Catholic Church.

Core values of Pastoral Care

  • Respect for life, people and God
  • Integrity through openness, balance and courage
  • Compassion through warmth and companionship
  • Excellence through enquiry and innovation

Pastoral Care FAQs

How can our residents and clients access Pastoral Care?

In our residential homes
When a person enters one of our residential care homes, a Pastoral Carer will make contact as soon as possible to introduce themselves. Depending on the level of care that is needed, they will stop by on a regular basis to see how things are going.

In our villages
Even when we are independent, there are times when we need someone to talk to. Village Managers can contact the pastoral care team on a resident’s behalf to arrange a visit.

In home care
If home care clients would like to talk to one of our pastoral carers, they can contact their Wellness Partner who will touch base with the Pastoral Care team to arrange a visit.

Can I volunteer as a Pastoral Carer?

There are multiple opportunities to volunteer with our Pastoral Care program. Volunteer Pastoral Carers work alongside the Pastoral Care team to extend the range and effectiveness of the pastoral care program through one-on-one skilled companionship visits to allocated residents.

Pastoral Activities Volunteers deliver or assist with religious activities like leading hymn singing or Bible reading sessions, assisting clergy during church services, etc. Groups of volunteers (e.g. church groups) can also propose new activities and deliver them as a group.
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