Our residential mental health homes

SCC (WA)’s residential mental health program Community Options is run at three domestic-style residential facilities based in Stirling, Mount Claremont and Bentley.

Community Options is a residential mental health program offering 24/7 care and support. The program supports residents aged between 18 and 65 who have experienced extended (3 months or more) admissions to psychiatric inpatient facilities and/or have repeated failures at maintaining a place in other supported accommodation programs.

Using the recovery approach, our staff work alongside clients as they relearn or gain new skills to live independently in the community.

About our facilities

What is the living arrangement/capacity?

Each site comprises of two self-contained homes. The homes were purposely designed and built to complement existing homes in each local community.

Our Bentley and Mount Claremont houses accommodate seven clients, and Stirling house accommodates eight clients.

All sites are close to public transport and community facilities.

Our Mount Claremont location is separated into two houses, with one house accommodating male clients only and the other female only. Our Stirling and Bentley locations offer unisex accommodation.

How many staff are rostered each shift?

Our Community Options program is staffed 24/7. We have two to three staff members on each shift (morning and afternoon).

There are two staff members rostered on overnight shifts. One is an active staff member who works throughout the night and the other is on a sleep shift and is available to provide assistance as required.

Do I need to submit a referral form?

Each respective program has a referral form. Please email community@scrosswa.org.au and a member of our team will provide you with either our Community Options, Community Mental Health or Family and Carer Program referral form.

SCC (WA) does not waitlist clients for the Community Options program. Individuals who have previously been referred to Community Options will be required to complete a new referral package for each vacancy period.

The costs of mental health care

Read about Community Options and Community Mental Health/Family and Carers Program.

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