Helping you to fund disability services

NDIS funding may pay for Support Coordination, Core Supports, Capacity Building Supports, or a combination of these.

Individuals can choose which of these funded services they would like to access and can also change who provides their NDIS services at any time.

Funds management options

Individuals can choose from three options when managing their NDIS funding:


The NDIA provides funding to the individual so they can access the supports and services that will best help pursue their goals.

Plan-managed funding

The NDIA will provide funding to pay for a Plan Manager. The Plan Manager then pays providers on behalf of the individual receiving services and helps to keep track of funds. They will also take care of financial reporting.

NDIA-managed funding

The NDIA pays SCC (WA) on the individuals’ behalf.

Individuals can also choose a combination of options. For example, some individuals may choose to self-manage one part of their plan to start with and have the rest managed by the NDIA.

No matter how funds are managed, individuals still have choice and control to ensure services are right for them and fit within their budget.

The NDIS and disability support

Southern Cross Care (WA) is a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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