Community Options

The referral and admission process for Community Options can be broken into four stages and can take between 10 -12 weeks from when a vacancy becomes available to when an individual gains entry to the program.

Stage One: Vacancy Identified
Stage Two: Referrals to be received within 15 business days (3 weeks)
Stage Three: Selection to occur within 20 business days (4 weeks)
Stage Four: Program Entry to occur within 21 days (3 weeks)

Community Options have the right to decline any referrals that do not include all the required information.

Community mental health/family and carer support programs

The referral and admission process for SCC (WA)’s Community Mental Health/Family and Carer Support programs can be broken into five stages.

Stage One: Referral received and assess whether the eligibility criteria is met.
Stage Two: Candidate placed on a waitlist
Stage Three: Determine staffing capacity/availability
Stage Four: Undertake home/intake assessment
Stage Five: If deemed successful, services can commence

What is the referral process?

Each respective program has a referral form. Please email and a member of our team will provide you with either our Community Options, Community Mental Health or Family and Carer Program referral form.

Referrals for Community Options
Referrals are accepted from various stakeholders for an individual who can meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Persistent and severe mental illness/es
  • Require ongoing clinical support by public mental health services, which may also include a private psychiatrist or a general practitioner
  • Extended inpatient (3 months or more) admissions to psychiatric inpatient facilities and/or have repeated failures at maintaining a place in other support accommodation programs

SCC (WA) does not waitlist clients for the Community Options program. Individuals who have previously been referred to Community Options will be required to complete a new referral package for each vacancy period.

Referrals for Community Mental Health
Individuals aged 18-65 can self-refer for the program or be referred by a GP or mental health clinical team.

Referrals for Family and Carer Support
Unpaid carers of someone experiencing a chronic and persistent mental health condition can self-refer for the program or be referred by a GP or mental health clinical team.

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Emergency mental health support

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