Understanding Eligibility and the Application Process

Individuals seeking residential respite care or permanent residential care including dementia support in a residential aged care home will need to undertake an ACAT assessment. The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is made up of medical, nursing and allied health professionals who visit individuals in their home to better understand the level of care a person might need.

Applications for an ACAT assessment can be submitted through My Aged Care.

Once eligibility confirmation is received, individuals and their families can begin contacting residential aged care providers to find a home that best suits their lifestyle and needs. My Aged Care will provide individuals with a referral code.

Families are then encouraged to book a tour with their preferred residential aged care home to determine if the care and environment meets their needs. After the tour, our admissions partners will contact you to ask if you have any questions and they will provide you with additional cost information.

Please note eligibility for our High Dependency Units (HDU) is determined by the Mental Health Commission.

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