Specialised Care for People Living With Dementia

At Southern Cross Care (WA) we understand everyone experiences dementia differently and progression of symptoms can vary. It is important that family, members, carers and support workers are educated about potential symptoms so they can better respond to the needs and wants of the person they care for.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is the term used to describe the symptoms of a large group of illnesses which cause a progressive decline in a person’s functioning. Dementia commonly impacts the cognitive functioning of a person living with dementia, presenting difficulty when it comes to memory recall, problem solving, language and communication. It is important to recognise that although dementia most commonly affects older people, it is not a normal part of ageing.

Everyone experiences dementia differently. The onset and progression of symptoms can often be unpredictable, characterised by changes in mood and behaviours that may seem unusual or out of character. For many the progression of symptoms is typically accompanied with feelings of frustration towards the loss of control.

How does Dementia affect people?

Initially there may be only slight changes in memory, personality or behaviour. A person may become less motivated to do the things that previously they enjoyed or may feel insecure when separated from familiar surroundings or routines.

With progression of dementia, changes become more noticeable by others, affecting concentration, understanding, and ability to reason. People with dementia may experience confusion, disorientation, mood swings and easily become frustrated as they are overwhelmed at times by the demands of everyday life.

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