Make a positive impact as a Southern Cross Care (WA) volunteer

SCC (WA)’s volunteers come from all ages and all walks of life. From retirees with a passion for enriching the lives of others, to people who cared for a family member or even teenagers who want to do something meaningful with their free time, our people make a significant difference to the lives of those in our care and receiving our services.  

Undertaking a wide variety of roles, all our people have one thing in common, the positive feelings they get from offering their time to help others. There are many ways to donate your time, whether it is within residential aged care, working alongside our mental health services or assisting with activities in our respite centres.

Perhaps accompanying someone at the bedside during their very last stage of life is what you could see yourself doing. Why not consider becoming a NODA volunteer? Follow the link for more information.

New Applications:

Residential Aged Care

  • One-on-one social visits – you are matched with an individual resident who may not otherwise receive many visitors and usually undertakes a minimum fortnightly visit of around one hour.
  • Group visits – you are matched with residents who may not receive many visitors. Groups are usually created based on shared cultural backgrounds or activity interests.
  • Activities – you can assist SCC (WA) therapy staff in delivering activity programs, including bingo, arts and crafts, etc. This may include setting and packing up, running the session or assisting individual residents who require support to participate.
  • Bus Driver– drive our residential aged care and retirement living residents on outings, including shopping trips, activity-based excursions and sightseeing. Not all sites have their own bus, so shifts could include picking up and returning buses where required.
  • Pastoral Care – you will work closely with the site-based Pastoral Carers to extend the range and effectiveness of the pastoral care program through one-on-one skilled companionship visits to allocated residents.
  • Pastoral activities – you can deliver or assist with religious activities like leading hymn singing or bible reading sessions, assisting clergy during church services, etc. Groups  (e.g. church groups) can also propose new activities and deliver them as a group.
  • Clergy – clergy who lead religious services for residents.
  • NODA Volunteer – when a resident does not have family able to be at the bedside during that final stage of life, it is immensely comforting to know that there is someone with them, providing a reassuring presence when no one else can. Our people work in shifts around the clock to accompany dying residents so that, indeed, no one dies alone.

Respite Centres

  • Assist with respite sessions at dementia-specific respite centres alongside respite staff. This may include scheduled activities like exercise, arts and crafts, music appreciation or one-on-one interaction with specific clients.

Community Options (Mental Health)

  • One-on-one social visits – you are matched to visit an individual client in a group home setting who may not otherwise receive many visitors. You will usually undertake a minimum fortnightly visit of around one hour.
  • Group visits – you will visit a site to interact with a group of clients. You will usually undertake a minimum fortnightly visit of around one hour.

Pet volunteers

Several SCC (WA) sites have pet visitors, who bring their dogs to visit residents. Pet owners who are interested and think their dog may be suitable should contact volunteer services to organise a canine temperament assessment. The assessment will be undertaken by a trained professional and a nominal fee will apply.

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Can I choose where I volunteer and how often?
Not all opportunities will be available at all sites, but we will work with you to identify the best match for you.
Opportunities are available predominantly during the day on weekdays, although occasional weekend opportunities may be available at some sites. Most people give 1-2 hours of their time either weekly or fortnightly.
Whether you offer one hour a week or several hours, your time is an asset to us.

Ready to make a difference in someone’s life? Apply today!
If you are interested in joining or team, please contact Volunteer Services at 08 9269 6855 or to find out more.

Please note, as part of the application process, you will need to:

  • Complete all Volunteer Application documents
  • Complete a National Police Check (paid for by SCC (WA))
  • Undertake a site induction
  • Complete our online Volunteer Induction Training and additional training modules

Hear what our volunteers have to say

"We volunteer for Southern Cross Care via Animal Companions - a West Australian, non-profit organisation. My dog Andy and I were accredited as a visiting team in 2015 and we provide regular therapeutic pet visits to people at Villa Pelletier.  Andy really enjoys visiting it and we both love going.  People say animals are great therapy and we get to experience that firsthand.  Those with impairments can connect with Andy because they don’t need to be able to speak, hear or see very well to interact with him, which is very special."

- Volunteer Miranda and her therapy dog Andy

Those with impairments can connect with Andy because they don’t need to be able to speak, hear or see very well to interact with him, which is very special.

Miranda & Andy

Celebrating our volunteers

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