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What career opportunities are available?

We have a range of positions working in our residential aged care homes, respite centres, residential mental health homes and retirement villages. We also offer roles out in the community as home care support workers and mental health recovery partners. In addition to our frontline care positions, we also have a variety of corporate roles including in HR, Accounts, IT and more.

Do I need a police clearance?

All new employees are required to provide a National Police Clearance that is no older than 6 months from the date the application is received.

Do I need a NDIS check?

Staff working in dementia wings and high dependency units at Germanus Kent House, Victoria Park Nursing Home, Margaret Hubery House, Frank Prendergast House and all mental health roles are required to complete a NDIS check.

Do I need COVID-19/Influenza vaccinations?

All SCC (WA) employees who are client facing or have the potential to encounter residents and clients, are required to undertake an annual influenza (flu) vaccination and be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

To be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 you are required to have had one primary course of COVID-19 vaccines (i.e., two Pfizer/AstraZeneca several weeks apart, or one Johnson and Johnson) and a subsequent booster dose. If you have not had COVID-19 or a booster in the last six months, then you are eligible for another booster dose and can obtain one from your local Pharmacy or General Practitioner (GP). 

Client facing roles include all staff based at residential aged care facilities, respite centres, retirement villages and mental health services, as well as home care support workers.

I have applied for a position, what happens next?

Once you have submitted your application, a member of our recruitment team will review your application. If your application is unsuccessful, you will be contacted by phone or email to share the outcome. If you are selected to progress to the next stage of the recruitment process, you will be contacted via phone by one of our recruitment team who will ask you a series of questions as part of our screening process.

What is involved in the interview process?

Once you have completed the phone screening portion of the recruitment process, one of our recruiters will then work with you to schedule an interview at a suitable time. The interview will be undertaken by the hiring manager either in person or via video call using Microsoft Teams.

How long does the recruitment process take?

The average recruitment process is roughly three weeks from the time your application is received to the time you start your new role/sign your contract. Please note timings may change depending on circumstances.

I am an international applicant. Can I still apply?

SCC (WA) welcomes all applications as long as you hold valid working rights in Australia.

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