Our promise to our clients and residents

Our Purpose: Helping people live extraordinary lives, every day, connected to communities.

Our Vision: Transforming our sector and the experiences of the people we care about.

Our Values: All of our people operate from a core belief that “I enable the extraordinary because…”


I listen: I am curious, kind, compassionate, respectful and empathic.


I act: I am action-oriented; I always look for opportunities to improve, I act with integrity.


I don’t give up: I am courageous, I am an optimist.


We work as one: I collaborate and communicate with my colleagues, I work with others toward a common goal, We are one team.


This is our promise to our clients and residents and each other.

Our customer service charter

These are our commitments to you:

  1. Our purpose is to provide you with excellent lifestyle, health and care options.
  2. We treat you with respect and dignity.
  3. We ask if there is anything else we can do for you.
  4. Our services and accommodation options are easy to understand, with no hidden fees.
  5. Our staff are highly qualified and trained.
  6. We maintain your health information so that we can support your current or changing needs.
  7. Your privacy and health information are protected and kept confidential.
  8. We will support you to be safe, while maintaining your independence and wellbeing.
  9. Technology is a business priority, to make our services more convenient and accessible for you.
  10. We acknowledge and respond to feedback and complaints fairly and quickly.

Download a copy of our Customer Service Charter by clicking below.

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