Scenario Exercises in our Residential Homes and Community Centres

As part of SCC’s efforts to prepare for a COVID-19 outbreak under the direction and guidance of our skilled incident management team, led by Matt Helstrip, we have been recently completed Incident Management Training and Scenario Exercises at our residential aged care homes and Community Options Centres. This training will ensure that our staff have the best knowledge of how to respond in the event that a COVID-19 case were to arise in one of our homes.

Bringing in expert trainers, our Facility Managers are guided through a scenario where one of their residents is suspected as being a positive COVID-19 case. From there, teams are formulated to emulate the situation, and go through the process of alerting the relevant family members and authorities of a COVID-19 case in one of our facilities.

These photos were taken during our training session at Jeremiah Donovan House, where Facility Manager, Lorraine Wallis, lead her team through the exercise.

Following the outbreak scenario, our nurses then practiced their donning and doffing process for getting in and out of their PPE safely without the chance of transmission of the virus in the home.  The scenario was intended to be as real as possible, so they know, and how this process would take place in a real-world scenario.

Talking after the scenario exercise, Lorraine said, “I feel more confident to lead my team through the process if a positive COVID-19 case were to arise at Jeremiah Donovan House.”

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