SCC celebrates volunteers’ contributions

December 16, 2019

In November, SCC hosted its annual volunteer appreciation event at the Royal Perth Golf Club to celebrate and recognise the achievements of our volunteers.

Ian Simms, Head of Pastoral Care and Volunteer Services, said the event was a wonderful opportunity to thank volunteers for their generous contribution to the organisation.

“Our volunteers mean a great deal to us and this event and the awards presented are just a small token of our gratitude towards our volunteers. Without their assistance we wouldn’t be able to provide our clients with the same great quality of care they receive.”

At the event, guests were treated to a scrumptious breakfast, accompanied by wonderful musical performances by Lauren Fletcher and Jacob Ibrahim. SCC’s CEO Errol Turner then thanked attendees for their contributions to SCC and shared how important volunteering is not only to SCC, but also to the wider community. Fran West, a volunteer at Jeremiah Donovan House, then shared why she loves volunteering and why others around her love it too. She mentioned the therapeutic benefits it has had for her, especially in helping her through personal grief.

Three long-service awards were presented at the event to John van Bockxmeer to celebrate 15 years of volunteer service, while his wife Jenny and Marie Neale celebrated 10 years of service. Along with their certificates of service, they each received a long-service medallion crafted by the Perth Mint. Other long-serving volunteers, who were not able to attend, were also acknowledged. If you would like to find out more about volunteering with SCC, please contact Ian Simms at Volunteer Services at or on 0419 095 041.

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