Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

People living with a mental illness have a high risk of being isolated, an inability to access support and can develop other serious health problems. These risks only increase with age and while mental health is not currently considered alongside aged care, increasingly, our experience is that the two are becoming intertwined.

To support clients who are living with a mental illness – who are all ages, not only older Australians – we provide a range of services, while also investing in understanding and anticipating clients’ needs in the future.

We have three centres in Perth dedicated to supporting clients with a severe and persistent mental illness. These centres are the foundation of our Recovery Driven Services framework, which includes providing safe accommodation, support for improved mental and physical health, life skill building to increase independence in daily life, encouraging and supporting social interactions and individual, specialised case management.

We continue to support the State Government and the Mental Health Commission as they plan for the future and work to shift their service supply from hospital care to increased community care. We have successfully agreed on another contract extension with the Mental Health Commissioner for our mental health services.

Our shift towards people-centred planning allows us to tailor recovery and skill development for each client’s individual needs, with the outcome being an increase in their ability to recover and re-engage with the community more quickly.

As a part of our relaxation sessions, we hold art therapy for clients and staff. More than 100 pieces are shown at our annual SCC Art Exhibitions.

SCC is an approved provider in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that will improve accessibility to person-centred services and will be available State-wide, for all clients who have a disability, which may include those with a mental illness.

To learn more about our services or for any enquiries, contact us at 1300 669 189 to speak to one of our friendly care advisors.

“We provide clients receiving our mental health services with the support and tools they need to increase their independence and improve their health and wellbeing.”