Stay connected with home care social support services

It’s amazing how a leisurely outing, interaction with those around you or a chat over coffee can effortlessly brighten your day. At Southern Cross Care (WA), we believe those joys should never fade away, no matter your age.

Did you know the services available to you as part of your Home Care Package can include more than clinical and domestic care? Our compassionate Support Workers can also help you reconnect with the community around you with home care social support services.

In research undertaken by Edith Cowan University, 29% of clients said they would like to do more social activities.

Whether it’s helping you reach the items on the top shelf at the grocery store and carrying your shopping bags from the car, revisiting some of your favourite places, or sharing a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, our dedicated support team is by your side.

Understanding that each individual’s needs are unique, our Wellness Partners ensure the services you receive through your Home Care Package or Commonwealth Home Support Programme cater to your age-related care needs.

As part of our commitment to support you in living a vibrant, independent life at home, our Wellness Partners work with you to tailor your home care plan to not only meet your clinical needs but also strengthen your social wellbeing. Our goal is to ensure you feel connected and supported every single day.

So, if you’re feeling a bit isolated lately contact us today to explore how our home care social support services can keep you engaged and connected with your community. With the right support, every day can be bright and meaningful.

*Please note that eligibility criteria apply, and the extent of support provided is based on your assessed age-related care needs.

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