Spotlighting men’s wellbeing during Men’s Health Week

This Men’s Health Week, we are spotlighting our services and communities that have empowered many of our male clients and residents to live happy and healthy lives. Men’s Health Week serves as a critical reminder of the importance of addressing both the physical and emotional wellbeing of men, highlighting areas where support and community can make a substantial difference.

Studies have shown that social interaction and involvement in community activities can significantly improve mental health and overall life satisfaction. According to the Australian Men’s Health Forum, one in two men will experience a mental health disorder in their lifetime and men who are not in the workforce have four times the risk of depression.

Meet Ken

Margaret Hubery Village resident Ken shared how he struggled with his mental health before moving to the village. However, since becoming a part of the community, Ken says his overall health has significantly improved. He no longer faces the isolation he once did and has found companionship in a new circle of friends.

Moving from his home in Mandurah to the village in Rossmoyne was a big step, but Ken found it to be incredibly beneficial. He has embraced a more active lifestyle, enjoying paddling on the river in his kayak, cycling with friends from church, and participating in various village activities. Being closer to his family has also allowed him to attend family gatherings more frequently.

“I have suffered from depression and anxiety in past years and since moving here my daughter has said ‘Dad, you’re a changed person’.

“To anyone thinking of moving to a retirement village like this, it is great.”

Meet Brian

Success Village resident Brian has also found a renewed sense of purpose and wellbeing at our retirement villages. His move to Success Village came at a challenging time in his life, as his wife entered residential aged care and he received a cancer diagnosis.  

Brian has been married to Lynne for 52 years, living side-by-side on the same path, but says now their paths are going to look very different.

“Never in a world of Sundays would I have thought Lynn would have dementia. And I’m starting my journey again,” he said.

Since moving into the village, Brian’s social and emotional wellbeing has significantly improved, especially with the companionship around him while his wife is in care.

He says a great way to be mentally healthy is to find and do something you enjoy.

“You need a hobby. You need something, and that can be as varied as anything,” he said.

As a new resident to the village, Brian is starting to explore some of the activities connected to the village and is joining the Men’s Shed next month. He said being part of the village has been great to feel connected to the community.

Meet Mike

For Margaret Hubery Village resident Mike, finding love in his retirement village brought newfound happiness into his life. After the loss of his wife, Mike too faced struggles with his mental health, feeling the deep void left by his partner. However, years later, a blossoming friendship and eventual relationship with fellow resident Heather renewed his outlook on life.  Together, Heather and Mike have travelled to many places around Europe and enjoy village life.

“We were both on the social club committee and slowly our friendship developed and then it blossomed and now if anyone talks about one of us, they’ve got to include the other,” he said.

“We’ve got a very good relationship and we’re very happy in each other’s company. If anybody is fortunate enough to find a second love like Heather and I did, I think they’re the luckiest people on this earth because without that part, life can be so lonely.”

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