Jeremiah Donovan House residents impart wisdom after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

On Thursday 12 March 2021, 59 residents at Jeremiah Donovan House took the opportunity to protect their health, receiving the first dose of the ground-breaking COVID-19 vaccine.

As part of the Australian Government COVID-19 vaccine rollout, aged care residents are among the priority groups to be vaccinated in phase 1a.

For Jeremiah Donovan House resident and self-labeled television news buff Peter, the vaccine was an eagerly awaited and obvious choice.

“I have closely followed the global emergence of COVID-19 right from the beginning. As an 82-year-old who wants to continue doing as little as possible for as long as possible, the vaccine was a no-brainer in protecting my longevity.”

Peter, a highly educated gentleman who enjoyed a global career as an accountant, had a logical outlook in being one of the first at the home to receive the vaccine.

“I’ve been used to vaccines all my life – I’m vertical, sharp and very much still ticking. Some 7 decades ago I had the polio vaccination, which was solely responsible for saving the lives of millions. I see this COVID-19 vaccine as equally instrumental.”

The past year has been particularly challenging and frightening for aged care residents, with changes in routine, moments of uncertainty and time apart from loved ones, catalysed by lockdowns.

At Jeremiah Donovan House, resident John (pictured) consistently provides comic relief to the delight of other residents, drawing on his rich theatrical background.

When asked about receiving the vaccine, John’s vigor for life was resoundingly clear.

“Sometimes one must take action to ensure more days in the journey. Getting the vaccine means I can continue painting, creating cardboard models of buildings, sketching the faces of adored people in my past and present, and of course, entertaining others.”

Southern Cross Care looks forward to offering the COVID-19 vaccine in all of our WA aged care homes in due course, as dictated by the Australian Government.

For queries about the Southern Cross Care COVID-19 vaccine rollout, please contact your Facility Manager.

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