World Arthritis Day | Five helpful tips for managing Arthritis 

Arthritis is a leading cause of pain and dysfunction worldwide. In honour of World Arthritis Day on October 12, Physiotherapist and Manager of our Health and Wellness Centre, Mary-Ann Monteath, has gathered some essential tips to help you manage and relieve arthritis symptoms. 

1. Understand your condition 

Knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to managing a health condition like arthritis. Familiarise yourself with the specifics of your arthritis type, its symptoms and the potential impacts on your lifestyle. The more you understand, the better equipped you’ll be to manage your condition effectively. 

2. Stay active 

Regular exercise is a crucial part of arthritis treatment. It not only strengthens the supporting muscles around your joints but also enhances your flexibility and endurance. Work with a physical therapist or specialist to establish a safe and beneficial exercise routine. 

3. Embrace lifestyle changes 

Optimising your health often requires a holistic approach. Consider necessary lifestyle and behaviour such as a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, and reducing alcohol intake. These changes can significantly help in alleviating arthritis symptoms. 

4. Know your limits 

While regular physical activity is vital, it’s equally important to respect your body’s need for rest. Learn to pace yourself: engage in activities when your energy levels are high and allow yourself periods of rest to recuperate. 

5. Learn pain management techniques 

Pain is an inevitable aspect of arthritis, but there are numerous strategies to manage it. Techniques might range from medications and physical therapy to relaxation techniques and alternative therapies. Work with your healthcare team to find the most suitable methods for you. 

Southern Health Plus Health and Wellness Centre can help you manage your arthritis. We have a team of dedicated allied health professionals, including physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists who can provide comprehensive assessments, individualised exercise programs, hydrotherapy and education. 

Southern Plus Health and Wellness Centre is a fully equipped gym and pool facilities. The Centre is located at 15 Wolseley Road, East Fremantle (free parking available in the lower cark). For more information visit our website  

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