Transcending dementia through love and support , ,

September 13, 2018

Happily married for 55 years, Graham 77 and his wife Lynette 76 have enjoyed a long and happy life together, raising their three children, enjoying shared interests and always supporting each other through life’s ups and downs.


Five years ago Graham started noticing Lynette was becoming forgetful and experiencing moments of confusion, which he suspected might be early stages of dementia, a diagnosis that was subsequently confirmed by their GP.

Unfortunately, the following years saw Lynette’s symptoms continue to worsen with her experiencing confusion, depression, anger and wandering. Graham said while he was devoted to his wife and more than happy to care for her at home, it was becoming apparent that Lynette needed 24/7 care.

“Lynette was put into hospital after she started to go downhill due to symptoms from her dementia. It had got to the point where she needed around the clock care, and while I was prepared to bring her home and care for her myself, her doctor recommended that she move into residential care,” Graham said.

Determined to find the right place that would suit Lynette’s needs and that was convenient for him to visit, Graham started researching possible residential aged care homes. When he couldn’t find anywhere suitable, a friend suggested he take a look at Southern Cross Care’s Margaret Hubery House in Rossmoyne.

“I had heard good things about Margaret Hubery House and it is only about 10 minutes from our home so that appealed to me too. After visiting the facility and meeting with the Manager Jane, I instantly knew it would be a good fit for Lynette, and luckily there was a room available so she was able to move straight in,” Graham said.

Graham enjoys regular visits with Lynette, including taking her out for drives which they both enjoy. Margaret Hubery House staff also encourage Graham to be involved in Lynette’s care planning, and communicate regularly with him to ensure he is kept up to date on how Lynette is doing.

“I support the staff, and they support me, it’s a team effort. It’s this approach, which really makes the difference. Because I can contribute to decisions about Lynette’s care, I feel included in the care process, which gives me peace of mind that this is the best place possible for Lynette,” he said.

One year on since Lynette moved into Margaret Hubery House, Graham said while it took a bit of time for Lynette to settle into her new surroundings, she was now happy and thriving in her new home, a fact that Graham attributes to the staff who care for Lynette.

“The staff at Margaret Hubery House are devoted and dedicated to the care of people who no longer have the ability to care for themselves. They make a real fuss of Lynette, ensuring that she is happy and comfortable at all times, and I couldn’t be more grateful,” Graham said.

To learn more about Margaret Hubery House and their specialist dementia care click here.

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