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We believe our tenants benefit from being part of their local community and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life.

Southern Cross Housing

Southern Cross Housing are committed to helping tenants find stable, secure and affordable accommodation.


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Providing support, care and accommodation for a full life.

Southern Cross Housing Ltd. (SCH) is a not-for-profit community housing provider that delivers affordable housing to those in need. Our housing portfolio offers supportive housing for seniors, people with disabilities and individuals with a persistent mental health disorder.

Our goal is to help tenants find a stable home and live a better quality of life. We believe that delivering quality, safe and affordable housing and ongoing stable rental agreements are essential to our tenants knowing that they are valued members of the community and part of the Southern Cross Housing family.


In 1966, Southern Cross Homes was created by the Knights of the Southern Cross.

Today, Southern Cross Care (WA) and Southern Cross Housing continue to demonstrate a long history of care, supporting individuals to access stable housing and care services. This legacy is demonstrated through the actions of our staff on a daily basis.

Their passion, experience and innovative approach provide a solid foundation for us to continue to help tenants achieve their personal goals.

Designated ‘Growth Provider’ of the Department of Communities

In 2008, Southern Cross Care became the first organisation to register as a ‘Growth Provider’ with the Department of Communities (formerly Department of Housing WA).

This status recognised Southern Cross Care's commitment to being a provider of low-cost housing rental options for seniors in Western Australia. As part of this process, Southern Cross Housing Ltd. was formed.

Health and Wellbeing

While we are committed to actively partnering with the Department of Communities as a designated ‘Growth Provider’, to meet the ever-increasing demand for social and affordable housing, we are equally proud of our ability to support our tenant’s health and wellbeing. Our holistic approach ensures that we provide our tenants with more than just a place to live; we also ensure they have access to the necessary support networks including the health and wellness services from Southern Plus, to enable tenants to enjoy a good quality of life.

Our properties

SCH proudly support 580 tenants who have met the Department of Communities Housing Eligibility Criteria for community housing. The SCH team manages 359 dwellings consisting of 254 owned properties, 63 managed properties belonging to the Department of Communities and 42 managed properties on behalf of the City of Belmont.

Eligibility and Income

Having somewhere affordable to live opens the door to many opportunities. SCH works in partnership with the Department of Communities to provide a home for those West Australians who are on fixed, low and middle incomes and have been registered on the Department’s joint waitlist.

Our target group are those over 55 who are on benefits or low incomes. We do assist some younger tenants if they are on a Disability Support Pension, for example, people who have a persistent mental health condition, or are physically or intellectually disabled, but able to live in the community with support from other agencies.

Rentals are calculated at 25% of the household income, and the majority of tenants are entitled to Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

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Policies & Procedures

View the Southern Cross Housing policy & procedures below.

Complaints, Appeals, and Feedback

Southern Cross housing are always client focused and therefore we respect the right of  tenants and all other parties that we are working with to make a compliant.

We welcome the opportunity to make improvements or changes to our services.

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Meet the team

Board and Executives

We are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who have a skills matrix that provides us with an essential range of business expertise. Our Executive provides effective senior leadership to the business across operations, finance and development.

Our board

Paul Rossen

Paul Rossen

Bradley Prentice

Bradley Prentice


Leanne Milligan

Leanne Milligan

Board Member
Tony Vis

Tony Vis


Pavlos Elaine

Elaine Pavlos

Chegwidden John

John Chegwidden

Evans Peter_square

Peter Evans

Thomas Seeber

Thomas Seeber


Our executives


Ken Pantany

Head of Retirement Villages and Community Housing

Southern Cross Housing Team

Our staff understand that providing a safe secure home has the potential to change lives. We provide a high level of care and support to help our tenants sustain their home.

The State Government's goal is to provide at least 30,000 affordable housing opportunities by 2020.

6 Growth Providers

in WA designated by the Department of Communities.

Nearly 50%

of renters aged over 65 years qualify for social housing.

There remains over 18,600 people on the public housing wait list.


of public housing tenants in WA are aged 55+.


social housing homes in WA.


of public housing tenants receive an aged, disability or medical support pension (equality split).

1 in 6

Western Australians have lived in public housing at some point.

1 out of every 25

houses in WA is public housing.

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