Jill’s secret to a long and healthy life

Southern Plus client Jill recently celebrated her 105th birthday. This is a remarkable milestone, but what makes this an even more amazing accomplishment is the fact that Jill is still living in her own home, safely and independently with the help of Southern Plus.

Jill’s secret to a long and healthy life is to live it well. “I believe the secret to a long life, good health and independence is eating well, which I have done my entire life. I have even followed a raw-based diet for a period,” Jill said.

As a long-standing Southern Plus client, Jill receives daily services with domestic assistance, alongside visits to our Tony Quinlan Respite Centre each week.

 Jill spent years growing up in the country and at the beach. She said the fresh air and active lifestyle are her keys to living a wholesome life that now empowers her to live independently, enjoying the finer things at 105.

She spent most of her time as a homemaker, caring for those most important to her. Jill’s caring nature still shines bright today. When celebrating her birthday with friends, she was gifted some chocolates, which were very quickly shared for everyone else to enjoy. The team at Southern Plus thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Jill’s 105th birthday with her at Tony Quinlan Respite Centre.

As Jill is an avid dog lover and absolutely adores our resident dog, Clover, there was no better place to celebrate with the Southern Plus team. Clover is based at Tony Quinlan every weekday to provide support and friendship to our clients, just as she does for Jill each week. This might be the reason Jill keeps coming back to Tony Quinlan!

Following the celebrations with the Southern Plus team and friends, Jill spent her birthday eating her favourite food with her family.

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