Get your well-deserved break from caring for an elderly person with cancer

February 4 marked World Cancer Day and February is National Cancer Prevention Month.

We are reminded that Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia with 1 in 2 Australian men and women being diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.

To be an effective caregiver, you must first care for yourself. If you reduce your stress and keep a healthy balance for yourself, you will be in a better position to care for your loved one.

Respite care provides a temporary break for carers and the person they care for. This gives carers the chance to attend to everyday activities, work or go on a planned break.

If you have found yourself saying no to social events, not getting enough exercise or losing touch with your own sense of well-being because you are a carer for an elderly person with cancer, then you will benefit from accessing some respite services so you can have more time for you.

Southern Plus offers a range of flexible, day or short respite options to suit you and your loved one’s needs, either in-home, at one of our respite centres or short term respite in one of our residential care homes.


Types of respite care

In-home respite

In-home respite usually involves a support worker coming to your home so that you can go out for a few hours. They may also take your loved one for an outing for a few hours while you have a break.


Overnight respite

Overnight or weekend respite may be provided under ‘cottage style’ respite at a day centre.

Our respite centres offer clients a ‘home away from home’ with plenty of activities designed to suit their interests, make friends and enjoy time with others – all with the peace of mind of quality personalised care.

Centre-based day respite takes place at a day centre. It offers structured group activities or outings that give your loved one a chance to do things that they enjoy and talk with other people.

Southern Plus has respite centres located in Forrestfield and Hilton.


Short term respite care

If you care for your loved one every day, they may need to have a short stay in an aged care home. This is called ‘residential short term respite care’, and can be on a planned or emergency basis. You may use this type of respite service if you will be away from your loved one to attend an event, or are unwell or unable to provide care for any other reason. Usually, for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, short term respite can offer families and carers the break they need to attend to everyday activities with peace of mind. Southern Plus offers residential respite care at our residential care homes and Southern Plus East Fremantle.

For more information on respite services call one of our friendly advisors on 1300 000 161.

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