Important Information about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Welcome to the Southern Cross Care WA Coronavirus (COVID-19) information page.

Last Updated: 14 May 2021

Thank you for your understanding of our ongoing COVID-19 screening and safeguarding measures.

Return to pre - lockdown life from 12.01am Saturday, 15 May 2021 - Perth and Peel

The WA Chief Health Officer has advised that as the WA public in the Perth and Peel region have worked hard to minimise the spread of COVID-19, lockdown restrictions will be removed in the Perth and Peel region from 12.01am Saturday 15 May 2021.

Please ensure you check the WA Government’s website for the latest information:

  • Our Aged Care Homes visitor policy has been updated, which now allows two visitors per time. Masks no longer need to be worn. Please refer to Southern Cross Care’s visitor policy for further details
  • All staff, contractors and visitors to our aged care homes must have proof of their 2021 Flu vaccination
  • It is OK to receive home care, and we continue to deliver home care services, with all aged care workers checking whether they are required to wear masks or personal protective equipment as outlined by the Commonwealth’s Chief Medical Officer
  • Visitors to our retirement villages must sign the contact tracing register and follow social distancing requirements.
  • Our Health and Wellness centre is open with regular fitness classes being available subject to social distancing
  • Our Community Options residents can leave their homes and whilst in public follow the requirements for social distancing

Restrictions have eased however everyone must wear a face mask when at the airport in line with Commonwealth legislation.


If you wish to know more about the policies and directions being placed on aged care and community care providers by State and Federal Governments, please check these links:

WA Department of Health Aged and Community Care Information - link

Commonwealth Department of Health Aged and Community Care Information - link


SCC Residential Care Visitors Policy

We are available to assist with admissions to our residential care homes, subject to an application meeting our COVID-19 admission procedures.

Our visitor policy has been updated as at 15 May 2021:

  • All visitors must have a 2021 Flu Vaccination Certificate.
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter our reception or foyer areas if they do not have a valid 2021 Flu Vaccination Certificate.
  • Visits to occur within our visiting hours 7 days a week - 10am – 4pm – preference is for visitors who book ahead (weekends are subject to receptionist availability).
  • Residents can only have two visitors per visit.
  • All visits that occur on site, must be in the resident’s own room or outdoor communal areas only.
  • All visitors must maintain social distancing of 1.5m apart.
  • Our site managers and nursing staff will provide all families additional support where required for compassionate reasons, advocacy, and end-of-life care.

We are pleased to advise that visiting can occur in our outdoor and garden areas, subject to social distancing of 1.5m apart.

If you wish to contact your loved one from a remote location, please contact the receptionist at the care home to arrange a video or phone call. If medical appointments are required, we continue to encourage the use of Telehealth options where practical.

Southern Cross Care’s Residential Care Homes Visitor Policy aligns with State and Federal COVID-19 Health requirements and restrictions.  It is based on the Industry Code for Visiting Residential Aged Care Homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you go out into the community, please ensure you have the SafeWA app on your mobile phone and check in as required.  The most important choice for us all is to maintain good hand hygiene and stay home if unwell.

Please view the visitor guidelines Perth Metro residential cares homes here.

Please view the visitor guidelines Regional residential cares homes here.


Health and Wellness Centre

  • Our Health and Wellness Centre offers regular fitness classes being available subject to social distancing.
  • To book please contact the Health and Wellness Centre directly.
  • All patrons of the Health and Wellness Centre will need to check in using the SafeWA app or the paper-based contact register on site.


Home Care

  • We are asking that clients contact us before a scheduled service visit if they are feeling unwell in any way or if you or anyone in your home is self-isolating, being tested or diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Our support workers will only wear a mask or other PPE based on the advice of the Commonwealth’s Chief Medical Officer (insert link it is OK to have homecare)
  • We ensure hand hygiene is undertaken between each client visit and when in the community.
  • Both you and your support workers should adhere to the requirement to maintain 1.5m social distancing wherever possible.
  • If you go out into the community, please ensure you have the SafeWA app on your mobile phone and check-in as required or sign the paper-based tracing register at the venue you visit.
  • We continue to encourage clients to consider if Telehealth is a suitable alternative for medical appointments, please speak with your medical practitioner and let us know if we need to assist you with this.
  • If clients prefer to not have visitors to their homes, they are welcome to cancel home care services by phoning 1300 669 189 during office hours.
  • Communications with your Wellness Partner and our scheduling team will continue as normal over the phone 1300 669 189.


Community Respite Centres

  • Our metro community respite centres at Donovan House and Tony Quinlan continue with the usual program of services.
  • All staff and clients are required to complete contact tracing and COVID-19 screening declarations upon arrival.
  • Social distancing of at least 1.5m applies wherever possible.


Retirement Living

  • Residents in our villages may receive visitors. Visitors at our villages are required to complete contact tracing when arriving in our villages.
  • For the safety of our residents in our villages, please do not visit if you are feeling unwell in any way.


Community Option Homes

  • Clients of our Community Options homes can continue to leave their home and and use the COVID Safe WA app when checking into venues.
  • For families that would like to visit at one of our Southern Cross Care Community Options homes, please contact the supervisor at the home to arrange your visit.
  • We can also support our clients to use Skype or other online meeting methods.
  • Where medical appointments are required, we will continue to encourage the use of Telehealth options where practical.


What to do

Stay home if you're unwell

Protect the vulnerable

If a COVID-19 case arises, don't panic, just isolate

Communicate, communicate, communicate

How you can help protect our loved ones:

SCC-roll-up-for-WA SCC Rolls Up its Sleeves for WA

We’ve all worked together to keep Western Australia one of the safest places in the world. To protect our lifestyle here in WA, there is one more thing we all need to do. We need to roll up our sleeves and get vaccinated for COVID-19. The more people who do, the more we protect our families, friends, and community.

If you are 50 years and over you can now call 13 COVID to book your appointment at a COVID-19 vaccination community clinic from Monday, 3 May 2021.


COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

The WA State Government, in conjunction with the Australian Government, is rolling out the Phase 1A of the COVID-19 Vaccination strategy.  This is occurring in all Southern Cross Care and Southern Plus residential aged care homes over the course of the next 3 months.

Residential aged care residents

Residential aged care residents can access COVID-19 vaccination in the first phase of Australia’s vaccine rollout (Phase 1a).

Residents will receive vaccinations in their care home.  We will be communicating with next of kin or family decision-makers as we are advised of information from the Commonwealth Government regarding COVID vaccinations.

Learn more about what to expect on vaccination day at your facility.

Bert England Lodge

  • First round – 23 February (completed)
  • Second round – 16 March (completed)

Jeremiah Donovan House

  • First round – 11 March (completed)
  • Second round – 20 April (completed)

Villa Pelletier

  • First round – 17 March (completed)
  • Second round – 7 April (completed)

Frank Prendergast House

  • First round – 25 March (completed)
  • Second round – 15 April (completed)

Victoria Park Nursing Home & Hostel, Kalgoorlie

  • First round – 22 April (completed)
  • Second round – 13 May

Margaret Hubery House

  • First round – 23 April (completed)
  • Second round – 14 May

Germanus Kent House, Broome

  • First round – 27 April (completed)
  • Second round – 18 May

Joseph Cooke House

  • First round – 10 May
  • Second round – 31 May

Southern Plus East Fremantle

  • First round – 20 May
  • Second round – 10 June


Home and community aged care recipients

  • People receiving Commonwealth-funded home and community aged care will be able to access a COVID-19 vaccine through vaccination clinics or GP (General Practice) as they meet priority eligibility.


Mental Health and Disability

  • If you reside at Community Options home, you will be offered the COVID-19 vaccine as part of Phase 1a of the rollout. You can receive your vaccination at Community Options Home or via your GP.


For the latest advice, information, and resources for COVID-19, go to or call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you require translating or interpreting services, call 131 450.


Helpful links

Perth and Peel Lockdown Announcements - link

State of Emergency WA Government - link

Regional travel restrictions - link

Interstate and overseas travel restrictions – link

WA Department of Health Aged and Community Care Information - link

Commonwealth Department of Health Aged and Community Care Information - link

Vaccine information in your language - link


Further Information

Need to talk to someone independently?


The Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) has a range of resources available to support you and your loved ones through this pandemic


Advocare provides free and confidential advocacy services to clients across WA over the phone on 1800 655 566 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, and by email at


Videos and easy-to-read resources and further information for people with disabilities about COVID-19 vaccines can be located by using this link.